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College of Arts & Sciences
Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC)

  • Applied Geophysics Providing advanced solutions to complex geophysical problemsmore

  • Petroleum Geology Petroleum Geology and Energy Related Expertisemore

  • Environmental Sciences Providing advanced solutions to challenging environmental problemsmore

  • Carbon Sequestration Geologic Characterization of the South Georgia Rift Basin for Source Proximal CO2 Storagemore

  • Specialized Training "If you don't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein¬Ěmore

The Earth Sciences and Resources Institute was created in 1973 to conduct applied research and service in environmental geosciences, engineering and computer applications. ESRI-SC is an extramurally funded institute within the University of South Carolina and includes faculty affiliates from numerous research departments. Our mission is "the scholarly pursuit of objective, independent earth science-related applied research and service in support of the overall research, service, and teaching mission of the University of South Carolina. We provide integrated solutions to challenging geoscience and envrionmental conservation issues by maintaining a dynamic ensemble of core technical capabilities while offering student training and mentorship through work study and graduate research opportunities".