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Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC)

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ESRI-SC Internships

ESRI-SC Internship Program

ESRI-SC is focused on the students, working closely with the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment (SEOE). Marybeth Lundquist is a Geophysics alumna who worked with ESRI-SC as an intern, processing and interpreting seismic data. She is now employed with ExxonMobil. “My experience as an intern at ESRI-SC has provided me with the opportunity to become involved in the various applications of geophysics in industry related fields. I came into this position without any prior knowledge of what really went into geophysical research, but the guidance and teaching I received from the staff here helped me overcome the shortcomings I originally had. I have been able to travel with this institute and network with some of the top companies in the industry. I strongly believe this internship with ESRI-SC has made me a more competitive candidate for graduate schools and undergraduate awards in addition to broadening my knowledge of geophysics”. (Marybeth Lundquist, 2015)

Student Interns:

Melissa Sims, Geophysics (current PhD at Stony Brook University);
Drew Tulanowski, Geophysics (currently at Rutgers, graduate program in Civil and Environmental Engineering).
Marybeth Lundquist, Geophysics (currently at ExxonMobil)
Elizabeth Yankovsky, Geophysics (currently at Princeton University; NFS graduate fellow)
Patrick Nebel, Geophysics (currently at Texas A&M)
Ethan Anderson, Geophysics (currently at Colorado School of Mines)
Rachelle Reisinger, current student in Geophysics
Jahleel Stone, current student in Geophysics
Parker Whitley, current student in Geophysics
Joshua Burstein, current student in Geophysics
Jeremy Petigrew, current student in Geophysics