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College of Arts & Sciences
Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC)

Applied Geophysics

Providing advanced solutions to complex geophysical problems

ESRI-SC maintains a dynamic ensemble of core geophysical capabilities, reflected in its personnel skills, equipment, and facilities while offering student training and mentorship through research opportunities.

The Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC) is composed of highly experienced professionals who work together to solve technical energy and environmental problems as an integrated team. ESRI-SC has in-depth experience with geophysical methods such as 2D and 3D seismic re­flection, refraction, and interactive seismic interpre­tation. We are leaders in the state of SC in electromagnetic methods, DC resistivity. ground penetrating radar, geophysical log analysis and interpreta­tion, geophysical model­ing, and mapping.


ESRI-SC field crews and geophysicists have completed geophysical research projects in: Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Washington. Project sponsors include various state and federal government agencies and private industry.


For surface seismic acquisition, ESRI-SC owns a 120 channel Geometrics StrataView RX 24-bit seismograph with seismic recording cables and standard 40 Hz geophones. ESRI-SC also owns 40 Hz shear wave geophones, and single 100 Hz P-wave geophones that can be employed for specialized seismic recording.

For borehole seismic acquisition, ESRI-SC owns a Geostuff 3 component borehole clamping geophone system containing 40 Hz elements. Borehole seismic recording is done on a twelve channel Seistronix RAS-24 portable seismograph. Field vehicles include a recording truck and an ATV with attached accelerated weight drop seismic energy source. We also have GPR borehole antennas. 



  • Vista
  • VoxelGeo
  • Petrel
  • SurfSeis
  • SynTool
  • StratWorks
  • Landmark Graphics (ProMAX, SeisWorks)
  • CSM Seismic Unix
  • Veritas, Hampson-Russell
  • SMT Kingdom Suite
  • Rave
  • Interactive Petrophysics
  • PetroWork
  • Stratamodel
  • GXT and MESA
  • ArcGISTM
  • pulseEKKO
  • PetroSim TOUGH2TM