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Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC)

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Geology and Energy Related Expertise

ESRI-SC has a rich history of working with the petroleum industry through its industrial partners program. The partnership has provided the industry with basin analysis research and skilled employees through the university graduate program.

The Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC) was created in 1973 to conduct applied research and service in petroleum exploration, environmental geosciences, engineering and computer applications. ESRI-SC has state-of-the art expertise and facilities allowing our data to seamlessly be integrated into company existing databases. ESRI-SC is well placed to meet the nation's ongoing urgent need to identify and access reliable, clean, efficient, and affordable energy sources. ESRI-SC's state-of-the-art capabilities can be leveraged to expand into additional exploratory initiatives, similar to the current effort to evaluate the efficacy of CO2 sequestration to mitigate anthropogenic climate change.


  • Depositional geological setting interpretation
  • Hydrocarbon migration path identification
  • Prioritization of potential exploration and production areas within a geologic basin
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Seismic stratigraphy
  • Integrated sequence stratigraphy
  • System track concepts
  • Tectonic and structural control on basins development
  • Hydrocarbon maturation history
  • Source rock analysis
  • Geologic and geophysical modeling¬†