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College of Arts & Sciences
Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC)

Specialized Training

"If you don't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein

The Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC) is composed of highly experienced professionals who work together to solve technical energy and environmental problems as an integrated team. ESRI-SC has in-depth experience with geophysical methods such as 2D and 3D seismic re­flection, refraction, and interactive seismic interpre­tation. We are leaders in the state of SC in electromagnetic methods, DC resistivity. ground penetrating radar, geophysical log analysis and interpreta­tion, geophysical model­ing, and mapping.

Customized Training

Our goal is to train national or international geoscientists with an interest in petroleum exploration or working already with petroleum companies. We offer a unique model in which we work closely with companies and offer training classes to meet their needs and be crafted around each student's background and skills. Our custom design training combines classroom format lectures with hands-on research on individual projects. We offer a flexible and modular format and the duration of training varies from 2-3 months, as needed. .


Our state-of-the-art facilties include several multiple system operation computers equipped with the latest seismic processing, interpretation, modeling, and visualization software for petroleum exploration. We also have access to a 24 seat Linux computer lab for classroom format teaching.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to: (1) depositional geological setting interpretation, (2) hydrocarbon migration path identification, (3) prioritization of potential exploration and production areas within a geologic basin, (4) reservoir characterization, (5) sequence stratigraphy, (6) system track concepts, (7) tectonic and structural control on basins development, and (8) geologic and geophysical modeling.


  • Landmark Graphics
  • Petrel
  • PSMT Kingdom Suite
  • Veritas, Hampson-Russell
  • Vista
  • VoxelGeo
  • Interactive Petrophysics
  • StratWorks
  • PetroWorks
  • Stratamodel
  • SurfSeis
  • Rave
  • GXT and MESA
  • PetroSim TOUGH2
  • Surferâ
  • EVSâ